The Importance of Health & Safety in Early Years

Every child deserves the best possible start in life, with the opportunity to develop in an environment that is safe and secure.

Health, safety and nutrition in early childhood education are of paramount importance when it comes to operating a high-quality school for early years children.

Parents who choose to send their children to school should be able to do so with the utmost confidence that their children will be getting the best possible experiences and are always protected from harm. Fettes College Guangzhou has a designated Safeguarding and Pastoral team that focuses on the Personal, Social, and Emotional development of all students from Early Years all the way up to Senior School.

The EYFS framework requires teachers to observe and measure development in Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) so the children’s welfare is always being reviewed by teachers. Children’s early PSED has a huge impact on their later well-being, learning achievements and social interactions in school and in the workplace and therefore we measure wellbeing using Leuven Scales which informs our planning.

Nutrition & Independence

At Fettes College Guangzhou, Early Years School, building independence in the daily routine, provides our students with confidence and self-worth from the beginning of their education. Feeding themselves, taking off and hanging up their coat and managing their own resources and belongings are targets we set for our EY1 class, our youngest students, and when they succeed in this they can tackle even more complex activities with confidence. 

During the early childhood years, it is very important that little ones get the right balance of nutrients for their growth and development.

A healthy meal plan is customised to the age group of the children in our care and it also takes personal allergies and nutritional requirements into account. Nutrition and a healthy balanced diet are provided by our on-site catering team and the menu is shared with parents on a weekly basis. The children enjoy a healthy breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, afternoon snack and can stay at school for the evening meal if parents wish.

Safety in Play

Our state of the art, outdoor play equipment has been inspired by European tree forest schools with opportunities for climbing, swinging, and balancing to develop core gross and fine motor skills. Health and safety prerequisites do not expect all risk at school to be eliminated but that ‘reasonable precautions’are taken, and staff are trained and aware of their responsibilities. This is particularly important in an Early Years setting, as children should be able to grow, develop and take appropriate risks through physically challenging play. Children must have the opportunity and be encouraged to work out what is not safe and what they should do when faced with risk.

Risky Play can be defined as a thrilling and exciting activity that involves a small risk of injury, however, this type of play is very important for Early Years students to ensure they are challenged, explore their boundaries and learn about safety. The play equipment at FCG has been designed to provide a safe level of risk encouraging children to climb, to balance to wobble and to fall over, however we support the students, help them get back up and try again and this is how we develop the students resilience, physical development  and self-esteem.

Safe Surroundings

Our premises and equipment are cleaned regularly, and we follow all health and safety legislation including daily medical checks with our campus Nurse who is on site every morning. We have detailed communication channels to report sickness, injury, and accidents, should any occur.

Early Years staff have full training and follow school policies such as Reporting Injuries, Fire safety and Fire Risk Assessment, Emergency evacuation and we have a detailed risk assessment for outdoor play. A high pupil to teacher ratio, ensures that all children are supervised and have someone to talk to should they need support or reassurance.

Keeping children safe and healthy is of paramount importance, and our staff at FCG early Years, have high expectations in hygiene, personal safety and understand that children will learn when they are happy, safe and feeling secure in their surroundings.

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