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Admissions Department

Throughout your admissions journey, you will have a key point of contact within the Admissions Department. They will help with all your initial questions, arrange a visit, discuss the examination and interview process with you or simply talk you through the next steps.


Admissions Process


We accept pre-registration for new students. Admission are being received in all grades form Early Years , G1 to G12.


How to Register


Feel free to scan the QR code and fill in the registration form.

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Pre-registration for Early Years

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 Pre-registration for G1-G12



Admissions Philosophy

FCG seeks bright, motivated and curious students who possess imagination, energy, a concern for others and a commitment to academic and personal growth. Our first interest is in potential students’ abilities – their inquiring mind, their initiative, their willingness to pursue a subject deeply and to think independently. We are also interested in what potential students have accomplished with those abilities – how they have ventured beyond their known talents and shown excellence.




There is considerable kudos attached to being a scholar at FCG. We offer a Full Scholarship to Senior School students in G9-12 which is based on merit. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees. Boarding, meals, uniform etc are chargeable extras. To discuss the scholarship process in more detail, please speak to the Admissions Department.

Admission Line:020-8299 8816 / 020-8299 8386

Address:Fettes College Guangzhou, Phoenix City, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.

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