FCG Field Experiential Week

The body is the most direct “medium” for children to contact the world. Just last week, Fettes College Guangzhou ushered in this semester's [Field Experiential Week] , a full week of wonderful activities, where children had a very fulfilling and happy week, full of rewards!

Field Experiential Week

The Mad Day on Monday was organised by FCG Art teachers. The children performed musical instruments and invited the teachers to dance together. In singing and dancing, the children not only exercise wonderfully, but it helps them develop a lively, outgoing, active and responsible character, and shortens the distance between teachers and students, and brings out everybody’s happiest sentiments.

On Tuesday, some teachers took the children to the fruit and vegetable base around FCG. In this harvest season when fresh vegetables and fruits are fullest abundance, our children added very vivid colour to the golden autumnal scene. The children, who have been secluded from nature for too long in cities, were full of curiosity about what they saw and heard in the countryside. They got to know more about the hard work of farmers, and perceived that every grain is hard-earned.

"Harmony" is the most beautiful picture. On Wednesday, most FCG children had their first experience of riding horses. The close contact with animals is conducive to making the children more outgoing and warm-hearted. The children overcame the initial fear and established two-way trust with the ponies. Equestrian, as one of the enrichment class of FCG, not only helps to breed the children’s temperament, but also helps to develop their qualities of courageousness and carefulness, to enhance self-control, and to nurture patience, resilience and industriousness. These qualities will certainly bequeath them greater confidence and self-possession.

The Field week culminated in the sports meeting on Thursday.  Children wore ribbons on their heads, wore FCG sportswear and painted watercolors representing the colors of their house. They shouted slogans for their house at the opening ceremony, and they ran and jumped as hard as they could, with only one goal: the victory of their house!

It is very exciting and wonderful to enjoy the time of teamwork! In the end, Tsung-I House won the championship.The winning house smiled happily. The houses that did not get good ranking also cheered each other up, looking forward to next year's Sports Day. In this activity, they came to understand that although ranking is important, team spirit matters much more. Everyone's dedication is worthy of commendation.

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