Our School Canteen

When you are assessing a school, the "food” it provides is a part that deserves your concern.

It's of extreme importance to feed children who are fast growing with adequate and healthy meals on time in a day. That will not only affect their learning status for the day, but relate to their physical condition throughout their lives -- the same reason why we must lay a solid foundation for buildings.


Scientific dietary collocation

In terms of the diet for children, FCG has always adhered to five principles: "student-oriented, appropriate proportion, quantitative diet, seasonal & natural, and scientific recipe".


The recipe is designed strictly according to the Balanced Diet Pagoda issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society and the WS/T 554 Nutrition Guidelines for Student Meals issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. There is a standard framework formulated depending on the age of students and nutritional indicators to provide a "nutrition ruler" for the selection of ingredients.



High-caliber assurance of food safety


To ensure the quality and safety of food, FCG's food management team insists on choosing "fresh, green and healthy" food from the source. All ingredients are selected from high-quality, fresh food approved by meat processing factories and government authorities, to truly realize a safe supply chain from "field to table".


We have set standards for all aspects of ingredients from distribution to delivery, keeping a firm hand on the whole process. We perform control from the source of the supplier and request for qualification papers. The ingredients will be inspected on the site of the school, and our professional chef team will process and produce the food.


The food safety control involves daily self-inspection by the school, irregular inspection by the Quality Control from the headquarters, tracking and rectification by the school, employee training organized by the headquarters, and on-site audits by third-party authorities. The inspection involves raw material procurement, storage, processing, catering management, transportation safety, and disinfection of catering utensils. The headquarters puts forward targeted solutions and suggestions to help the school make further improvement.

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