What Makes Boarding at FCG so Unique?

At Fettes College Guangzhou, we firmly believe that learning doesn’t stop when lessons end. Indeed our blended living and learning model rests on the principle that every moment of every day offers an opportunity to expand horizons and enrich the mind, and a Fettes College boarding house offers a unique setting where this can be achieved. If you live and work among like-minded friends, all of whom aspire to go to the world’s best universities, there is a terrific sense of purpose and a momentum which propels you forward into the next activity or learning experience. Evenings in house are wonderful for anyone lucky enough to experience them!

Unique Boarding System from UK


Our blended living and learning model replicates the very best practice of boarding schools in the UK and of Fettes College Edinburgh in particular. The systems and many ways we care for our students have been tried and tested over many years and cater for the needs of each and every child who has the privilege to board at the school. Pastoral care in house is bespoke, because we never forget that every child matters and faces their own unique set of hopes and fears. Under our tutelage, the boarders learn to self-regulate and manage the many concerns that characterise life as a young person. They grow in resilience and independence and acquire a quiet confidence without arrogance.


High-Standard Equipment and Facilities


The facilities have to be right for the model to work. Our purpose-built boarding houses boast light and airy en-suite bedrooms, and the shared communal spaces are spacious, well-designed and comfy. Every floor has a dedicated work zone and play zone, because Fettesians like to work hard and play hard. There is a piano and music practice area, a table-tennis-table, table-football and numerous board games which the children can enjoy when they have finished work for the day. Access to mobile communications and the use of electronics for gaming is carefully regulated. We want our children to look up and engage with their peers!


Our Experienced Boarding Team


The dedicated and experienced boarding staff encourage the boarders to speak English in the evenings to accelerate their acquisition of the language and evening lessons in important life skills as diverse as learning to iron a shirt and the etiquette of formal dining compliment a weekly routine which includes swimming and visits to the library. 

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