Home and School Communication


‘Family’ is one of the most important values at Fettes College Guangzhou. In order for children to feel a strong sense of belonging whether at home or at school, close and friendly cooperation between the home and school is an indispensable weapon.

To maximize the home and school cooperation at FCG, we have these initiatives:


周报 Fettes Newsletter

When children come to school, it does not mean that their parents are absent. Every fortnight, parents will receive a newsletter from FCG which include 3 sections: Greetings from the Head of College, a summary of the weekly events of EY, Primary and Middle Schools and a summary of the Boarding week. This will include the big and small events happening on campus and the activities that will be held over the next two weeks can be found here. By receiving this email, you will have a good idea of your child’s education here and will be able to talk to your children about what they are achieving here at FCG.



Parent and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association of Fettes College Guangzhou is a volunteer group of parents who have the time and energy to assist the College in a variety of ways. Regular meetings allow the PFA and senior College staff to discuss and plan future events and initiatives. As a Friend of Fettes, you will work closely with College staff to enhance its community profile and fundraising activities. The clear purpose of the PFA is to assist in creating a safe, harmonious, happy, and diverse cultural atmosphere and educational environment for children.

To support this aim we propose the establishment of a PFA Committee. The committee members will help direct the activities of the PFA in support of the school and adds another way by which parents can be part of the educational experience of the College. The establishment of the PFA, will strengthen the connections between our College and pupils’ families, share and exchange experiences in education and enhance the understanding and trust between families and the College.


家长会 Parent Meeting

In order to regularly report the children's detailed learning to the parents, Fettes College Guangzhou regularly organises the whole school parent meeting. It is not as simple as take a seat, listen and finish. The parent meeting of FCG has added a student led warmup activity where students share learning and reflection with parents. This is followed by one-to-one communication between parents and teachers. In this way, it not only increases the benign interaction between parents and children, but also helps parents to understand their children’s school life in a more objective and detailed manner.


家长工作坊  Parent Workshop

Parents may be parents for the first time, but our teachers at Fettes College Guangzhou have excellent teaching experience. In order to help our parents educate their children better, we will organise parent workshops to teach parents essential parenting knowledge. Recently in EY School, our principal Mrs. Mckenna took the parents through a workshop on how to learn phonics for children in early childhood.


In order to develop and spread Fettes Family values, we will continue to explore ways and means to promote more home and school cooperation. This close family and school cooperation will let every parent understand the education, be able to support the education, build a platform for harmonious communication, let family and school work together, gather all forces to participate in the entire process of education and enter the heart of children.

This is the goal we have been pursuing at Fettes College Guanzhou and will continue to do so!

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