FCG was honoured as a "Special Contributing School" by the IBMYP Curriculum Integration Guide





The 2023 IB China Education Forum was successfully held in Beijing last week with the theme "Convergence, Integration, and Innovation: Assisting the New Journey of Modern Curriculum Development. " Fettes College Guangzhou (FCG) was invited to attend the event due to its leading curriculum, excellent faculty members, and high-level school management. Ms Wenwen Zhang, the Deputy Head of the Middle School of FCG and the IBMYP coordinator, shared the practice and experience of FCG in Chinese and Western integration and the innovation between FCG and Fettes College (UK) with nearly 50 principals, Heads of Early Years Schools, coordinators, and subject teachers from 27 IB CISA member schools across China.







With an outstanding performance in curriculum integration, FCG was honoured as a "Special Contributing School" by the IBMYP Curriculum Integration Guide, becoming one of only five schools in the country to receive this honour.





This forum covered Early Years and Primary School (PYP), Middle School (MYP), High School (DP), and Career-related Programme (CP), inviting experts and frontline educators to share advanced concepts, promote the comprehensive development and innovation of China's K-12 curriculum, and bring inspiration and ideas to educators.






It is worth mentioning that the Unit of Inquiry exploration course submitted by our teachers from the Primary School of FCG, with the theme "100 Questions from Primary School Students", successfully made it to the sub-forum. The teachers' in-depth demonstration and interpretation of the course won unanimous praise from IBPYP educators, and a lively exchange followed the event. The UOI will be displayed on campus as an exhibition of students' academic achievements. Parents and educators from outside schools are welcome to visit the school and admire the work of the Primary School learners.





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