Unique Collaboration


FCG is a unique collaboration of two educational experts.

Bright Scholar Education Groups holds global influence as a core alliance enterprise of the world’s top 500 companies, operating more than 100 schools and kindergartens around the world. Having set up its first school in 1994, Bright Scholar sets the standard for quality-orientated education in China.

Located in Edinburgh, Fettes College is one of the UK’s leading independent co-educational boarding and day schools. The school was founded in 1870 by local philanthropist Dir William Fettes whose passionate concern for the care, welfare and education of young people has been at the heart of the College ethos throughout its history and remains the school’s guiding principle today. Fettes College has a tradition of excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, encouraging pupils to stretch and challenge themselves in everything they do.


Working in partnership is a key theme at strategic and operational levels at FCG, enabling us to fulfil our mission to deliver the best of Chinese and western education.


Our culture of collaboration stems from a belief that our collective efforts are greater than the sum of our parts.



A strength of FCG is in its co-leadership model where the Chinese and Expat Heads of College work collaboratively and lead with equal authority and responsibility, building a harmonious learning community and setting an example for the school cross-cultural cooperation.




At FCG we are committed to knowing each student as an individual in order that we can best support them achieve their potential. All classes at FCG benefit from an Expat and a Chinese Homeroom Tutor who deliver a comprehensive tutorial programme including character education, student support and mentoring.





By adopting a team approach to the management of our boarding houses, our dedicated Expat and Chinese House Parents utilise their respective skills and experience to create a uniquely relevant programme for the students of FCG by effectively integrating the highly regarded practices at Fettes College UK with the values and customs central to traditional Chinese culture.




The FCG co-teaching model is made possible thanks to a generous staff to student ratio and high number of expat staff. Chinese and expat teachers work together to develop lesson plans and differentiated materials, learning from each other, and providing mutual inspiration. This integrated approach to teaching involving cross cultural and language influences gives our students diverse opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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