Four Day Houses

Each College's Day House is named after an individual whose values, achievements and character the house draws inspiration.



Two are prominent figures in Chinese culture, Jao Tsung-I; Bing Xin, and two are prominent Heads of Fettes College – past and present, Potts and, Harrison. Between them, these figures, and, therefore, the houses, represent a range of values, abilities, and attitudes which we champion at Fettes College Guangzhou. These include kindness, fascination and curiosity, creativity; steadfastness and family.


All students at FCG are assigned to one of four Houses, which is in one sense a team, but in a broader sense is a collective grouping that provides them with an identity and sense of belonging beyond their Grade or circle of friends. Students take pride in their House and find it a fantastic motivator, as they challenge themselves and encourage each other to achieve success not for themselves, but for their House. House provides them with a deeply enshrined sense of the importance of bringing their friends and peers along with them; understanding that the achievements of a happy, successful community will always be greater than the sum of the achievements of its individual members. The House, holding collegiality and competition in balance, is at the centre of this important element of the Fettesian ethos. House competitions run throughout the school year and cover all areas of the school including Sport, Academics, and the Arts.



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