Unique Pastoral Care

Emotional wellbeing is a major feature of Fettes College Guangzhou. In essence, every child is carefully taken care of, ensuring that they receive support from all members of the school leading to positive learning experiences.

The house system emphasizes communication and trust

The tutorial system offers and academic guidance and personal support

Mirroring the mentor system of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and other universities, FCG provides the students with academic guidance and advice paying attention to social activities and emotional health.

Emotional wellbeing and protection

Strictly abiding by internationally recognised standards and best practices (ISI, COBIS, etc.), the college is equipped with the latest pastoral screening tracking technology and early warning systems that ensure the safety of all the pupils.

Integration of personal life and learning

In order to meet the social and emotional needs of the pupils, Fettes College Guangzhou provides department-led welfare programs of PSE (Personal-Social-Education) including the nightly open library, future career lectures, EAL (English as an Additional Language), and other learning support.

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