Traditional British Boarding

Boarding is an integral part of a Fettesian education: it ensures that students receive a truly immersive educational experience.

In the boarding house our students learn valuable life skills such as resilience, timekeeping, self-motivation, and tolerance. Modelled on Fettes College UK, our approach builds independence throughout a student' s time in FCG boarding with a particular emphasis on acquiring the skills required for living at university and integrating with people from different cultures.



Our boarding programme offers a wide range of age-appropriate on- and off-site activities throughout the evenings and weekends designed to promote opportunities for team building, challenge, and collaboration.

Our high staff to student ratios ensures all our boarding students receive individualised care and attention, and the small size of each boarding house allows for a home-from-home feel. We understand the importance of differentiating our boarding provision, not just in terms of activities but in the way we interact with students of different ages.

All our House Parents and Boarding Tutors are fluent English speakers enabling our boarders to practice English in real-life contexts. Working mainly in Chinese our Boarding Carers develop close bonds with the students and provide another avenue for students to seek support from a trusted adult.

In boarding our students simultaneously develop a sense of self and of belonging, We are always looking for ways to encourage them to expand their horizons by trying new activities, setting personal goals or taking on leadership responsibilities.


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