Early Years School

At Fettes College Guangzhou, we have a qualified vibrant, energetic and motivated Early Years team who ensure that every day of learning is a special memory made for the children. We build bonds with our families and we want them to feel like they are part of the Fettes family from the moment they join the school.We focus on teaching the 'whole child' to ensure they are socially, emotionally and academically ready for the world.

FCG incorporates the British EYFS curriculum into the IB PYP framework, making "Play" the most important means of children's inquiry and learning. The Early Years School curriculum is centred around the exploration of knowledge within a borderless exploration space, and a warm and positive teacher-student relationship.

The Early Years School adopts a small-class teaching model, with no more than 20 children in each class, educated by 3 Chinese and 2 foreign teachers leading to a very low (1:4) student to teacher ratio.

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