Primary School

Fettes College Guangzhou offers an education that can be found nowhere else in the world. Our pupils will grow up as competent and confident learners, strong in their identity, language, and culture as their mother tongue and cultural traditions will be clearly valued, respected, and admired.

Our bespoke curriculum builds upon the strong foundations of the Chinese National Curriculum, adding depth, breadth, and global perspectives by drawing upon the knowledge and experience of our international teaching faculty and cutting edge curricular approaches from around the world.

Each child in the Primary School has one Chinese Class Tutor and one Expat Class Tutor, who are the first point of contact for parents and pupils and are real champions for each of their tutees, keeping a watchful eye and offering valuable advice on all areas of school life: academics; enrichment; sport; relationships; developing resilience; and personal organisation, to name just a few.

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