Senior School

At the heart of the world-class holistic education offered in the Senior School lies a close focus on discovery, intellectual playfulness, and academic development. Every individual is encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves intellectually, develop the intrinsic motivation to be the best that they can be and to find their element.

The immersive curriculum offered in the Senior School draws on the strengths and rigour of both Chinese and British pedagogy and is designed to nurture confident and adept communicators whatever the task and whatever the context, with a special focus on developing mature and sophisticated acquisition of the English language. When the time comes for our students to graduate from our Senior School, they will not only be highly qualified but equipped with values, skills and attributes to make meaning and a difference in a complex world.

In addition to the prescribed curriculum, FCG offers an enhanced curriculum for inquiry, service, research, and design-led thinking. The enrichment programme offers a breadth of intensive and extensive opportunities to discover hidden talents and passions, and exert leadership skills.

The design of our formal advisory provision reaches into the Middle School and has its roots in the Primary School, but it is in the Senior School that students really focus on their horison. Our programme gives them opportunities to lift the lid on possible futures and gain a clear personal line of sight into their next steps.

During the university application season, we fully support our students in submitting successfully targeted applications and competition entries. Relying on the strong network and resource sharing of Old Fettesians – former pupils from around the world, our students will gain successful experience from the best in various professional fields and help realize their dreams in an ideal university.

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