FCG MS Curriculum | Interview of MYP Coordinator

张 文雯

Zhang Wenwen


FCG MYP Coordinator


School Management and Leadership Certificate

issued by Harvard University


Master Degree of Arts


Certificate of International Pedagogy IETC ISS


Senior School Teaching License (Chinese & English)


IB China Education Forum Speaker


Speaker at International Education Conferences


Almost ten years international education experience


Over 5 years of international educational leadership

Agency Blooming

There is a saying that, "The best education is to wake up the child's internal awakening". At Fettes College Guangzhou Middle School we fully respect every learner and motivate them to achieve their best by motivating their agency. We empower our children with choice, voice, and ownership which enables students to be masters of their own growth.

Personalised Development

We pay much attention to each student's learning and their growing process. We, together with the children develop a personalized study plan. The teachers use diverse teaching strategies to differentiate students learning, by varied group tasks and personalized projects to help each child achieve their best.

Learn how to learn

Every student in FCG Middle School can systematically improve their Approaches to Learning. We encourage them to learn how to learn. We prepare them to be good at communicating, to be diligent in thinking, to research, and to manage themselves.. Through the improvement of these skills, students can explore a wider range of fields. Approaches to Learning are practiced in every class. Teachers use various learning activities to consciously improve skills in different aspects: creative thinking, self-emotion management, cooperative communication, critical thinking, reflection, media literacy, etc.

Transfer to real situation

In order to ignite children's enthusiasm for learning, we use inquiry-based and project-based learning models. These learning experiences make children see the significance of learning and love learning. Through the concept driven teaching method, the teacher guides students to see the essence through the object, through individual cases to find the principle. In this way, students can better transfer and apply knowledge, drawing inferences from one example. Then through the essence of the understanding to extend to the actual application of the project. Teachers set up authentic tasks using GRASPS method, so that students understand how to use the knowledge in the real situation. The school also provides students with outdoor exploration, practice on how to use their learning to service others to solve the real-world problems.

Globally mindedness

At Fettes College Guangzhou, we have the vision of "Rooted in China, Globally minded". We lead our students to think globally and think about the common problems of human beings based on local culture and national characteristics. Every week, we discuss the issues at home and abroad, caring about the problems around us and their global impact. Our pupils present different cultural perspectives on the same issue via different forms of communication, such as speeches, discussions, interviews, etc. Our students and teachers come from different backgrounds; they share understanding from different cultures. Here we see the collision of ideas, understanding of viewpoints, and tolerance of attitudes.

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