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    1. CIPG Cup

      Recently, the Guangdong Provincial finals of the fifth "CIPG Cup" Youth English Speech and Debate Talent Show, hosted by the Education and Training Centre of the China Foreign Language Publishing and Distribution Bureau, came to a successful close. Out of approximately 2,000 students selected from preliminary rounds across the province, 12 students from Fettes College Guangzhou participated in the competition, all receiving awards. Four students advanced to the provincial finals, winning first place, seven winning second place, and one winning third.

      The competition, with the theme of "Telling Good Chinese Stories and Striving to Be Leaders of the New Era", aimed to provide a high-level platform for young people to engage in in-depth discussions and exchanges of ideas, promoting internationalization and self-expression. The competition comprised two main themes, "I Love Reading" and "I Speak to the World". In the "I Love Reading" portion, participants randomly selected an English passage to read and answer questions about, testing their spelling and vocabulary skills. In the "I Speak to the World" portion, students gave a three-minute speech on "Hello, 2023" or a topic of their choice. The competition was judged by experts from the Education and Training Centre of the China Foreign Language Publishing and Distribution Bureau, with scores based on pronunciation, fluency, language accuracy, content depth, and speech etiquette.

      The students' success on stage is a testament to their years of hard work off stage. The Fettes College Guangzhou has always emphasized the bilingual education of its students, adopting a bilingual teaching mode with both Chinese and foreign teachers. The school offers courses such as English-guided reading, English drama, learner assemblies, and activities such as library reading days and English parent-child time. Teachers conduct differentiated teaching for students of different levels, training students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and performance. For example, in the English drama course, students improve their oral expression skills through interactive performances that help them deepen their understanding of the content.

      The student's language skills have improved not only through bilingual learning but also through their daily practice. To prepare for the competition, students spent their spare time practicing with teachers, practicing their speaking skills and body language in front of mirrors, and rehearsing their speeches repeatedly. The school hopes every student can progress through different competition activities, promoting international thinking and using English as a key to open the door to a global perspective.

    1. Physics Bowl

      "Science is about discovering the truth, not proving ourselves right." - Neil de Grasse Tyson.

      The results of the highly influential high school physics thinking challenge, the PhysicsBowl, have recently been announced. Over 4300 participants from more than 600 schools nationwide participated in this competition, including five students from FCG. 

      After intense competition, two students received the National Silver Award, and two received the National Bronze Award. Let us congratulate the students who achieved these excellent results!

      The PhysicsBowl, a US high school physics thinking challenge, is an academic research activity organized by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), a traditional physics teacher association in the United States with a history of 30 years and significant global influence. Every year, more than 500 schools and tens of thousands of participants from more than ten countries participate in this challenge.

      The competition covers all knowledge points in high school physics, some university-level physics content and basic physics knowledge. The test scope includes mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics and modern physics. Participants must have a solid physics foundation, profound theoretical knowledge, innovative thinking and practical skills.

      It is reported that outstanding PhysicsBowl challenge winners are more likely to be admitted to globally renowned universities such as Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). According to relevant institutions, over 37% of PhysicsBowl thinking challenge participants ranked in the top 100 globally are admitted to the top 30 universities in the United States.

      Under the guidance of teachers Bowen Li and Lily Liu, the FCG Physics competition team demonstrated unique, innovative thinking and profound theoretical knowledge reserves during the preparation process, successfully solving multiple complex physics problems. The students' spirit of subject research and exploration was reflected during the challenge, and their physics literacy was gradually improved, laying a solid foundation for future academic research. 

      In addition to the PhysicsBowl, FCG students achieved outstanding results in other areas in 2023, including the BMO British Mathematics Olympiad, NEC National Economics Challenge, BPhO Junior and Intermediate Physics Challenge, and the Waterloo Mathematics Competition.

      FCG will continue to provide students with multiple learning paths, a broader development space, and higher-quality educational resources to help them better tap their talents and potential in the future.

    1. Waterloo Competition

      The team from FCG has achieved remarkable results in the 2023 University of Waterloo Mathematics Competition. Under the guidance of our mathematics teachers, Mr Aaron Qin and Mr Jim Xie, with only three months of training, the outstanding students from FCG demonstrated their strong abilities. They emerged from the competition, which included over 20,000 students worldwide, with flying colours.

      A total of nine students from grades 9 and 10 at FCG made it into the top 25% globally and were awarded the highest prize, the "Distinction Award." San Wen from grade 9 and Jane Zhang from grade 10 were ranked first among them. In addition, the grade 10 team achieved an outstanding result, ranking sixth in the world in the team total score.

      FCG is committed to providing elite education and offers a cross-cultural platform that combines Eastern and Western cultures. The school provides students with various academic and non-academic learning opportunities, allowing them to showcase their talents and unleash their potential.

      The Waterloo Mathematics Competition series covers a wide range of topics, with questions gradually increasing in difficulty, testing students' intelligence and mathematics skills and emphasizing the importance of cultivating students' interest in learning. Participating in the competition is beneficial for enhancing students' learning interests and developing their competitive spirit. Every year, the school organizes students to participate in international-level mathematics competitions, providing them with learning experiences different from regular courses and helping to develop their thinking skills and inspire even greater potential.

      FCG is a place for students to live, to learn, and to grow, as well as a starting point for their dreams. The honours achieved by the students demonstrate their strong enthusiasm for mathematics learning and solid, comprehensive abilities. The outstanding achievements are a result of the students' persistent efforts and the imprints of their youthful struggles. Looking to the future, students will continue to write their own stories of success with the burning drive of their youth. Let us once again congratulate the nine students who achieved excellent results. We hope that all students will continue to strive for excellence and create even greater achievements!

    1. IB Education Forum

      The 2023 IB China Education Forum was successfully held in Beijing last week with the theme "Convergence, Integration, and Innovation: Assisting the New Journey of Modern Curriculum Development. " Fettes College Guangzhou (FCG) was invited to attend the event due to its leading curriculum, excellent faculty members, and high-level school management. Ms Wenwen Zhang, the Deputy Head of the Middle School of FCG and the IBMYP coordinator, shared the practice and experience of FCG in Chinese and Western integration and the innovation between FCG and Fettes College (UK) with nearly 50 principals, Heads of Early Years Schools, coordinators, and subject teachers from 27 IB CISA member schools across China.

      With an outstanding performance in curriculum integration, FCG was honoured as a "Special Contributing School" by the IBMYP Curriculum Integration Guide, becoming one of only five schools in the country to receive this honour.

      This forum covered Early Years and Primary School (PYP), Middle School (MYP), High School (DP), and Career-related Programme (CP), inviting experts and frontline educators to share advanced concepts, promote the comprehensive development and innovation of China's K-12 curriculum, and bring inspiration and ideas to educators.

      It is worth mentioning that the Unit of Inquiry exploration course submitted by our teachers from the Primary School of FCG, with the theme "Rediscover PYP Through Curational Thinking", successfully made it to the sub-forum. The teachers' in-depth demonstration and interpretation of the course won unanimous praise from IBPYP educators, and a lively exchange followed the event. The UOI will be displayed on campus as an exhibition of students' academic achievements. Parents and educators from outside schools are welcome to visit the school and admire the work of the Primary School learners.

      Since its establishment in 1968, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has been committed to creating a better world through education. After half a century of development and innovation, IB has always adhered to this vision and is dedicated to cultivating young people who are diligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate, enhancing their understanding and respect for diverse cultures, and contributing to the creation of a better and more peaceful world. Currently, IB schools worldwide have accumulated rich practical experience and cutting-edge teaching concepts reflected in IB implementation standards, curricula, teaching methods, and teacher training, effectively promoting education worldwide to focus on the whole person, the future, and diversity.

    1. British Physics Olympiad

      The BPhO is a national physics competition organised by the British Physics Olympiad Committee, which began in 1979 and officially selected the national representative team to participate in the International Physics Olympiad in 1983. It is known as the highest level of physics competition in the UK and one of the most prestigious international competitions in physics.

      The BPhO competition features innovative and diverse question types to inspire middle school students to learn and understand physics. The competition emphasises the flexible application of students' physics knowledge and has strict requirements for the breadth and depth of their physics knowledge. It is a highly challenging event.

      The BPhO Committee comprises the University of Oxford, the British Institute of Physics, and the Ogden Foundation. It is known worldwide for its strict examination system and comprehensive assessment standards. As one of the most prestigious international competitions in physics, the results obtained by students are highly recognised by globally renowned universities.

      The BPhO competition results are highly recognised in applications for STEM majors such as physics, computer science, and astronomy at UK and world-renowned universities. They are a highlight in the application documents for Oxford and Cambridge University. It is reported that 70% of the admitted students in the physics and engineering departments of Oxford and Cambridge participate in the BPhO competition. Therefore, the BPhO is known as a "direct train" to Oxford and Cambridge. Students who achieve good results in the BPhO Challenge can further participate in the Round 1 competition, laying a solid foundation for future applications to world-renowned universities.

      With diligence and wisdom, growth is given time, and the expected fruit will eventually be harvested. Four silvers and two bronze awards in the BPhO Challenge can only be achieved with the efforts and dedication of teachers and students. Led by their teacher, Mr Bowen Li, the students formed a physics competition study group. They explored and studied physics knowledge in their spare time, actively discussing problem-solving skills. Mr Bowen Li accompanied the students, providing rich learning resources and accurate learning guidance and inspiring their interest in physics. Mr Bowen Li still remembers that in a small group study session, they discussed the same question using multiple methods for nearly three hours and finally achieved satisfactory results. Learning through competition, students improve themselves, stimulate their interest in learning, and finally achieve excellent results, laying a solid foundation for their future learning and development.

      Learning from the world and contributing to the world. Fettes College Guangzhou(FCG)will draw on the essence of Chinese and Western education and is committed to providing students with an international first-class education environment and top-notch global educational resources. The school encourages personalised learning, tapping into students' potential and talents,  cultivating a confident and well-rounded generation for society, inheriting Chinese civilisation and promoting world progress.

    1. AMC数学竞赛


      AMC数学竞赛历史悠久、国际认可度高,是当今世界上最科学、最权威、最具信誉度的数学学科测试之一,每年全球有超过 6000 所学校的 60 万名同学参与。AMC竞赛采用全英文考试,涉及的知识远超出课堂上所学内容 ,获奖是对参赛者的逻辑推理能力、解题能力、和运用数学知识解决实际问题的能力的高度认可。这也不是Anna首次在国际数学竞赛获得荣誉,在2022年的英国数学思维挑战赛(United Kingdom Mathematics Trust)中,斐特思多名学子分别获得了奖项,其中,Anna斩获了全球银奖。


    1. 数学奥林匹克竞赛

      喜报!热烈祝贺6位斐特思学子在 2022 BMO(British Mathematical Olympiad)英国数学奥林匹克中荣获佳绩,斩获BMO全球优秀奖!




      G10 胡楚函Clancy





      作为UKMT系列级别最高的赛事,BMO题目难度高,对数学能力和逻辑推理技巧的考察很深入,在BMO中获奖充分证明学子的数学学术能力。本次BMO的备赛过程中,在斐特思老师的带领下,部分学生超前学习国际课程中的数学知识点,提前深入了解数学专业以及题目后的背景,这在一定程度上也会反哺A Level,IB等相关国际课程中的数学科目学习,真正用“课外拓展”推动“课内学习”。


    1. 全美经济学挑战赛

      新年伊始,FCG学子喜迎开门红!祝贺广州市斐特思学校8位学子在NEC(National Economics Challenge)2023全美经济学挑战赛斩获佳绩!

      G10 万思扬Daniel同学获得了全国个人总分金奖(全国排名前4%),并成功进入微观经济学满分名人堂;

      G11 胡琳梓Evelyn和 G10胡楚函Clancy同学分别获得了华南区优秀个人秀奖;

      G10 蒲俊帆Roger和 G9 滕天翼Bruce同学分别获得了优秀个人奖;

      G10 吴佩霖Wendy,G11李柯霖Rita,G10蒲俊帆Roger和 G11胡琳梓Evelyn同学获得了最佳团队奖;


      NEC(National Economics Challenge)2023 全美经济学挑战赛是最具影响力的中学生经济学学术活动。经过20年的发展与积累,每年有超过20000名学生受邀参与---在2016年引入中国后,已覆盖到20多个省份,300余所学校,数千名学子从中受益。NEC对经济理论的概念辨析、对国际时事的同步跟进以及对真实案例的综合探究,让学生们以审辩思维洞察世界,获得多角度、全方位的财商素养提升。


    1. 商业模拟赛金奖

      祝贺广州市斐特思学校10 年级学生张馨泽,她所在的团队荣获了ASDAN 商业模拟大赛金奖。

      本次比赛将联合国17个可持续发展目标(SDGs)的目标3 —— “Good Health and Wellbeing (良好健康与福祉)”融入其中,鼓励同学们在增强学术专业水平的同时,能够具有全球视角,着眼于全人类共同面临的问题,深刻感受商业、人、地球三者之间的关系,从商业角度思考并提出解决方案。该比赛以模拟商业运营系统为基础,同学们要在公司中担任不同经理角色,在人力、生产、销售等方面做出决策并时刻关注市场变化,用最小的支出获得最大的市场收益。ASDAN商业模拟挑战赛是以专业的模拟商业系统为基础,完全仿真还原市场和公司运营的真实环境与决策过程,包括公司运营、公司路演、模拟股市和拍卖大会等环节,以求用最小的支出获得最大的市场份额,盈利最高的团队获胜。



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