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    1. FCLC Edinburgh

      Let us review the concert's highlights and experience the music's romantic and warm atmosphere together!

      The  "A Midsummer's Dream" concert by  Fettes College Guangzhou has reached a successful conclusion, with its diverse programme and exquisite performances leaving a lasting impression.

      We hope this warm and unforgettable "A Midsummer's Dream" concert will leave you with beautiful memories in your splendid summer days, adding happiness to your life. May the power of music accompany you on your journey.

    1. Fettes STEAM Festival

      In the rapid intelligence and digitalisation era, cultivating innovative talents is crucial for the country and society's development. FCG is responsible for growing international creative skills. We achieve this by our modern teaching methods, training students in scientific research and innovative thinking as well as providing a top-notch learning environment and conditions for talent cultivation. On 13 May 2023, FCG will hold our STEAM Festival, covering humanities and nature, technology and innovation, including equestrian obstacle races, robot and rocket performances, etc. These activities allow guests to experience the charm of technology and understand the application and development of technology in different fields.

      See our "Fiery Hands" performer, who holds flames with his bare hands and remains unharmed even after the fire is extinguished. Students need to be familiar with the physical principles behind the fire and overcome their fear and tension to display their skills when learning this performance perfectly. Various stunning performances and curious programmes will be staged one after another, allowing guests to feast their eyes!

      Technology is a tool and means for humans to cross the boundaries of nature and change their way of life and it is the driving force behind the continuous progress of human civilisation. The development and application of technology have brought certain challenges to the natural environment and ecological system. Teaching children to use technology correctly and live in harmony with nature has become another important topic of FCG STEAM Festival.

      The STEAM Festival site has stunning performances and 30 cutting-edge science and technology exhibitions distributed throughout the school. From the "Animal Sudoku" and "Tension-driven Boat" games, that young students love, to the "3D Permutation Puzzle" game and "3D Printing" machine, that machine enthusiasts can't put down, and the "Elephant Toothpaste" performance. These exciting technology-interactive exhibitions contain knowledge in subjects such as mechanics, physics, chemistry, geometry, etc. Teachers internalise knowledge into games, allowing participating students to gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles whilst having fun.

      If the dazzling dry ice show and the rocket artillery performance show guests the application of technology in physics and aerospace, learning how to care for horses will plant a seed of compassion in children's hearts. At the STEAM Festival, you will have fun and witness many useful and entertaining cutting-edge technologies.

      Technology is an important component of human civilisation and can be said to be the soul of human society. The development of technology can not only improve human material living standards but also influence human ideology, values and cultural inheritance. Only people with technological literacy, scientific consciousness and innovative thinking can better adapt to future social development. Let us feel the charm of technology, learn scientific knowledge and jointly meet the challenges and opportunities brought by technology!

    1. International Arts Festival

       The history of art and civilisation in both Eastern and Western cultures is long and profound, and today art still influences many students.

      FCG has made "Art Education" an important part of holistic education to cultivate students with international aesthetic abilities and creativity. On the afternoon of 22 April, the FCG International Arts Festival was held on campus with exciting and diverse art performances, providing students, teachers and parents with a visual and auditory feast.

      Visual pieces of art which blended emotion and artwork together was on display. These included abstract and realistic paintings, providing visitors with a positive emotional experience and resonance.

      Performing arts were also on display, with the Middle School performing the musical "Oh Mamma Mia!" which received applause from the audience for its vibrant blend of music, dance and theatrical elements. The students' passionate interpretation of the story about family, responsibility, growth and dreams was compelling and unforgettable.

      The 2023 International Arts Festival concluded successfully, but the students' pursuit of art has not stopped. FCG will establish a deep strategic partnership with the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA) to create a professional Art Academy in the Greater Bay Area, utilising CSVPA's artistic expertise and FCG's excellent art facilities. In addition to sharing CSVPA's wonderful team of staff  and professional art courses, the two sides will regularly hold expert forums, teacher-student exchanges, art workshops, industry seminars, etc.

    1. Festival of Sport

      To win the competition, the students had already practised all events many times before the activity and all tried to win the first place to gain the House Cup for their House.

      Fettes College Guangzhou’s 'Festival of Sport' was held in spring. As our annual large-scale sports event in our college, it provides an opportunity for students to excel. FCG students are provided with opportunities through academics, art, life and sports.

      More than 30 kinds of land and water sports, fun activities, stalls and snacks brought the Festival of Sport to a climax. Many parents who visited the school for the first time said, "There are very few international schools with such professional and complete sports facilities in Guangzhou. The school exceeded my expectations!"

      Our guiding principle at FCG is ‘Sport for All’ which we balance with our inherited ethos of sporting excellence from Fettes College in the UK. We aim to instil in our students a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, and whether an enthusiastic amateur or future Olympian, we support each of our students to achieve their sporting goals.

    1. Fettes Spring Carnival

      At the beginning of the new semester, the FCG primary choir sang "Congratulations", from our Primary School kids. We celebrated the coming of spring with this happy song!

      With the start of spring, everything comes to life again. On this lovely day we hosted the FCG Spring Carnival. We had a grand spring party!  

      We enjoyed watching a traditional Chinese drama, Sichuan Opera that has a unique charm. By appreciating the drama, the children also gained a deeper understanding of Chinese opera culture.

      The children from Primary School also prepared a performance. When the Chinese drums sounded, they passionately danced like dragons. 

      At the opening ceremony, the Chinese and expat Heads of College also sent us their best wishes for the new semester. 

      As the end of ceremony, the wonderful lion and dragon dance performance wrapped up the opening ceremony. The party continued outside. 

      At the closing ceremony, the students from the Secondary School played a song, Jasmine flower, for everyone. It was a beautiful combination of Western instruments and Chinese music.

      Today was filled with fun but all of this is part of learning and providing students with a holistic education.  At FCG, we aim to produce confident and holistically educated young people, who embrace their Chinese cultural heritage and are equipped to make a significant contribution to society.

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